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Episode #13 Homeschooling High School

Let’s get raw and real. Next to socialization, homeschooling through High School usually is the 2nd biggest fear. We get it because we used to have the same fear. Listen in as we share our perspective on High School and why we feel passionate about continuing to homeschool through High School.


Ways to Homeschool Through High School:

  • Choose an at-home curriculum at write your own transcript.
  • Do online classes through an online school or through a college.  (College for America)
  • Charter umbrella school- local charter schools that partner with homeschoolers for credits. Megan’s kids go to Lumen.
  • CLEP– College Level Examination Program
  • Dual Enrollment through a local community college

Keep a transcript no matter what route they choose! Karyn does it in a Google drive.

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