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Episode #8 Summer Learning

What does school look like during the summer? Listen in to Karyn and Meg as we share our summer schedule and ways to keep learning through those months.


Benefits of Year Round Schooling:

Regular systems/routines
Vacation whenever you want
More flexibility on days off
No Summer learning slide

Benefits of Traditional School Schedule:

Mom gets a break- less pressure
Schedule matches up with friends, neighbors, & lessons
Time for Summer camps
Time for Mom to do household projects in the Summer
Time off to plan the next school year


Natural Ways to Learn Through the Summer:

Library Summer programs
Hiking & camping
Finish up unfinished curriculum
Summer bridge workbooks
Summer camps
Projects & experiments (more energy in Summer!)
Summer Park Days


Other Helpful Resources:

The Big Fast List of Summer Learning Resources

Summer Sidewalk Chalk Learning Games

Summer Science Camp

Summer Schedule for Kids


Where to Listen:

Google Podcasts
Pocket Casts


Want to watch the episodes instead?  Find us on our YouTube Channels: Teach Beside Me  or The Hippie Mama.

2 thoughts on “Episode #8 Summer Learning”

  1. Meg and Karyn,

    Could you talk more about what you do with your high schoolers? My oldest 2 will be 10th and 11th graders next year, and I want to take them out of public school and homeschool them (I am so unimpressed with our high school), but not exactly sure what to do! I have homeschooled middle school, but high school seems like such a different game. I’ve looked into Jenny Phillip’s Greenleaf High School and am interested in that, at least for Language Arts (love her stuff at the middle school level), but what else? I heard you mention College of/for America. What is that?

    I have binged listened to your podcasts since discovering you this week, and am inspired and loving your wisdom and ideas! Thank you!!!

    1. Yes! We do have a high school episode coming up this next month, so stay tuned. I (Karyn) am using part of Sonlight and the Good & Beautiful for my 9th grader this year & have loved it!! Megan has had her kids enrolled in a local program in Utah called Lumen Scholar Institute. (Not sure where you live?) Next year both of us are using College for America for our kids ( But there are tons of amazing programs for high schoolers.

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