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Episode #82 Geography Curriculum Ideas

We’re headed back to giving curriculum ideas and this week we are diving into geography. Listen in to hear ideas of how to make your geography more exciting.


Resources Mentioned

Karyn’s Site- Read Around the World Series,  US Geography Series

Stack the States/Countries apps
Beautiful Feet Books- Geography Through Literature
Leif the Lucky by Ingri D’Aulaire
Marco Polo by Demi
Use an atlas to learn about each state-the 50 States Explore the USA Atlas by Gabrielle Balkan  I really love the Atlas of Adventures books  (3 different big books, wonders of the World & Animal atlas & regular world one)
A Child’s Geography from Knowledge Quest
Galloping the Globe– a resource book with ideas
Map Trek– hundreds of historical maps you can print and use
Well Educated Heart library of books


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