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Episode #9 When Everything Goes Wrong

It’s no surprise that sometimes you are going to have a bad day, or even a really bad day. In this episode we give four different tips to help you survive the worst days of homeschooling and empower you to keep going.

Recommended Resources:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

4 Tips to help you with hards days:

  1. Change up your routine.
  2. Find the root of the problem.
  3. Be willing to be creative.
  4. Find someone else to help you with the harder subjects.


Other Helpful Resources:

Meg is an AMAZING homeschool life coach.  If you need support, chat with her!

The Worst Parts of Homeschooling ~  from Teach Beside Me


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Want to watch the episodes instead?  Find us on our YouTube Channels: Teach Beside Me  or The Hippie Mama.

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