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Episode #98 The Importance of Stories

Stories help us understand things in our heart that our eyes alone cannot understand. Listen to this week’s episode to be inspired of why to includes stories in your school.


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Building a Story Brand

Well Educated Heart 

Burgess Animal Book


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1 thought on “Episode #98 The Importance of Stories”

  1. I am new to your podcast and to homeschooling. I started in the fall when I noticed unpleasant changes to my daughter and her demeanor. I have loved all the changes I have seen since pulling her from public school! I had been sitting with her while we do ALL of school. Since realizing homeschool will be a new normal for us I know this is not healthy and practical. I want her to be more independent and have stepped back. I have seen a lot of progress in her but also see lack of time management, procrastination and lying saying she understands and is done with her subjects. I would love some help and direction. Thank you for your time.

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