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Called to Homeschool

Your Homeschool Manual

If you are feeling Called to Homeschool, then you are in the right place! Karyn and Meg both felt God calling them to homeschool their families and followed that call.  Now, after each having more than a decade of experience homeschooling their families, they want to share the knowledge they have gained with others. If you are seeking support, listen in to the Called to Homeschool Podcast!  We are so happy to have you joining us!

About Us

Karyn Tripp

Karyn is a certified teacher and homeschool mom to 4 kids She is the author of Teach Beside Me where she shares creative teaching ideas and homeschool tips.

Meg Thomas

Meg is a homeschool mom to 7 kids and a certified life coach. You can find her at The Hippie Mama where she gives help and hope to homeschool parents.  

Called to Homeschool Podcast

Homeschooling is not an easy thing to do, we know!  We want to share what we have learned in our 10+ years of homeschooling. Come have a listen! 

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