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Episode #64 What If I Have to Homeschool This Fall?

Like every other part of parenting, no homeschool manual exists. But our podcast is the next best thing! Together, let’s conquer your fears and help you see that you are the amazing homeschool mom you were called to be. We’re your cheerleaders and new best friends, and we can’t wait to join your journey. Join us each week as we share our homeschool hacks, sanity tips, and lots of laughs while empowering you to be your best self, even while teaching math.
episode 64- what if I have to homeschool this fall?
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2 thoughts on “Episode #64 What If I Have to Homeschool This Fall?”

  1. Elizabeth Valentine

    Thanks for this episode! I’m a homeschooling mama and have been listening since you started the podcast. I saw a friend post a question about curriculum if she were to decide to homeschool and I didn’t even know where to begin a response. I was able to post this episode and the outline of the episodes you recommend for parents who might homeschool this fall. It was a great way to get her started and the episode helped me sort out in my own mind what might help others to hear if they are looking to make this transition. So thanks again!
    P.S. thank you for the no-yelling Facebook page too. You ladies are awesome!

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