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Episode #77 Language Arts Curriculum Ideas

We interviewed some of our favorite Moms to find out what curriculum they have loved and some they haven’t loved with Language Arts.



Daily Gramms

The Good & the Beautiful


Speech & Debate

Cover Story online– write own magazine

Phonetic Zoo- IEW & Essay writing, PAL

Simply Charlotte Mason



Christian Light

The Good & the Beautiful

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3 thoughts on “Episode #77 Language Arts Curriculum Ideas”

  1. Hi! I’m in south africa and just starting my homeschooling journey with my 5 and 2 year old boys. I started listening to your podcast today and I’m absolutely loving it! I would love to hear your opinion on teaching The Good and The Beautiful. As christian parents, does it concern you at all that it is written by a Mormon? I’ve read so many controversial articles about it and whether christians should be using it or not and I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic since so many people rave about it.


    1. Hey there! Glad you are enjoying it!
      Considering that Meg and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints (Mormons) it does not concern us! 😉 However, I will say that it is written by a team of inter-faith Christians, all of whom try hard to make it have no doctrine, just good wholesome morals! As I have used it, I have not seen and religious slant in one direction. I know many Christians of all denominations who use it and love it!

  2. I have just found your podcast, and as a busy mom I am squeezing in listening time anywhere I can! Thank you for your heart to help others! I am new to homeschooling and grateful for your suggestions. I checked out daily gramms, and it sounds like something both of my boys would like. Since you posted this podcast, have either of you tired it out? Thoughts?
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

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