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Episode #1- Called to Homeschool?

Have you been called to homeschool? So have we! Listen in as we share our stories of why we started homeschooling all those years ago. In this episode we’ll discuss the importance of finding your why. You’ll definitely want to remember your why on those less than glamorous days. We also go over the logistics of how to take your kid out of school. Finally, we’ll cover the detox or de-school phase and give you four practical tips to feel confident.

Where to Listen:

Google Podcasts
Pocket Casts

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

A Thomas Jefferson Education by Oliver DeMille

K-12 Online School

Homeschool Affidavit (for Utah)

More Helpful Info:

Free Coaching Call from Meg

The Best Homeschool Books to Read from Teach Beside Me

How to Homeschool in 10 Easy Steps from Teach Beside Me.

Homeschool Fears Revisited from Teach Beside Me

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1 thought on “Episode #1- Called to Homeschool?”

  1. We are new to homeschooling this year because of my middle daughter who is special needs, high risk, and Covid-19. I just found your podcast and have been listening to it on my daily walks that I use as my “Mom Time”. It has been so uplifting to me. I am only on episode 16, but your podcast has been just want I need to hear at this time. Thank you for sharing. My girls are in 1st, 5th, and 8th grade and we are now officially going to be a full-time homeschooling family. I always thought about homeschooling, but my fear of the unknown kept me from it. Now my only reject is that I wish I had started sooner.

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